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3 Ways To Set Up Your New Blog For Success.

Getting a blog up and running is pretty hard work. In fact, it can be seriously daunting to put a blog on the internet and try to attract traffic your way! Coming up with new ideas is difficult, staying in touch with your audience can be tricky, and the amount of work involved can be overwhelming – and that’s before a single penny comes your way from the whole endeavor. 

But plenty of brand-new blogs are updated on a regular basis. Indeed, blogs make up over a quarter of the total websites currently online – they can’t all be long-running and well-established household names! So, if you’ve got a blogging idea, get it online and turn it into a business; here’s how you can compete. 

Write Regularly

The more you write, the better a writer you’re going to become. Indeed, that’s why you should be reading as well; this will also allow you to see what other people are focusing on and help you to hone your own blog content. But when it comes to writing for a blog, consistency is key to building an audience that’s valuable to you. 

Secure Your Online Presence

How secure do you feel online? Probably a lot more than you are. Sure, you have passwords on everything and you’ve checked the privacy settings on your social media recently, but are you actively combing through your digital footprint? Are you even aware of how much you may be giving away about your location or customer data? 

Always double-check before you post anything. For example, if you sell through your blog, and then pack and ship orders from your home, it’s easy to forget to blur out the return address when recording content for social media. However, if you do so, you have no idea how that data may be shared.

Above all else, be strict when it comes to online privacy and security. You don’t want to be taken down in the next data leak. Make sure you have a handy digital security solution on your side. At the very least, never use the same password twice, and make sure they’re not easy to guess or super simple to crack either. 

Add a Personal Touch to Your Social Media

Social media is a part of blogging in the modern era. It used to be that people could write up a blog and someone could subscribe to it, or set up an RSS feed, and that was that. But now, social media feeds are the best way to get the word out about new content. 

If you’re sharing your posts or new products through social media, put a personal touch on the captions. Share a thought they won’t find in the post, add a behind-the-scenes look, or ask a question of your audience. Personal means interactive, and that converts readers!

Blogs are the foundation of the online world. Don’t let a current lack of visibility put you off!

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