5 Pro Tips To Maximize Your Monthly Blog Earnings

Everyone knows that blogs can be a source of income. The majority of bloggers start their websites because they want to try and make money. After all, can you think of a better way to earn cash than by writing about topics you care about? You have the freedom to work from anywhere and will never answer to a boss again. It’s a tantalizing prospect, yet the stats suggest it’s nowhere near as easy as it seems. 

Research from TechJury suggests that 33% of bloggers don’t make a penny from their websites.

That’s a third of all bloggers generating nothing from all their hard work. You have to work hard to make your blog profitable, but the potential rewards are massive. There’s technically no limit on how much you can earn per week, month, or year. 

It’s all about learning how the pros do it – so here are some expert tips to help you maximize your blog earnings: 

Be Consistent

It’s cliche, but consistency is key if you want to keep making more money. Your blog relies on web traffic – and traffic will only come if you’ve got content to drink in. You must treat your website like an online business and constantly work on updating the content.    

Make relevant posts about trends to capture new waves of traffic, but most importantly, provide new things for regular readers to read. The most successful blogs will have an active audience that keeps coming back for more. Some may bookmark your site and visit it daily to see if there’s anything new. If you want to inspire this level of loyalty, you need a consistent content plan. 

Make Some Evergreen Content

On the topic of content, your blog should include some evergreen pieces. 

What on earth does that mean? 

Evergreen content is content that remains relevant forever. For example, a blog post about great Valentine’s gift ideas will be relevant every year. Posts about great places to go on holiday remain constantly relevant, and so on. 

This content is essential as it constantly draws in web traffic far beyond the publication date. Yes, you need to regularly make new content, but it helps to have evergreen pieces sitting in the background.  When there are slow months when it’s hard to come up with new content – or perhaps you go on holiday for a few weeks – the evergreen stuff will continue to drive clicks to your pages. 

Join A Platform That Sources Blogging Opportunities

Paid blog posts are excellent if you want to make a decent amount of money. Brands will pay you to come up with a post promoting their products/services – or they’ll pay you to make a series of posts throughout the month. 

It helps you strike up connections with brands while proving your blog a worthy platform for companies, advertisers, or marketers. The only problem is that finding paid blogging opportunities is difficult. There’s a lot of competition out there, so how will the brands find you? 

The highest-paid bloggers all start by joining a platform for bloggers that sources opportunities for them. Every week, you receive countless paid opportunities in your inbox and can contact the brands to open a dialogue with them. It helps you gain so many paid sponsorships and might open the door to long-term partnerships. Paid posts give you a lump sum payment to supplement your blogging income so it’s always worth looking for a few per month via these platforms. 

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Explore Ad Networks Outside Of AdSense

Advertising is the first thought that comes to mind when monetizing a blog. Your natural reaction is to turn to Google AdSense to help with this. It’s easy to make an account and Google will place ads on your blog pages. People need to click on the ads or view them, and you get paid a small amount. 

The concept is easy to follow, yet AdSense has some drawbacks – the main one being that it doesn’t pay as well as other advertising networks. You can get a much better rate from different networks, meaning you’ll earn more money over time. Discrepancies in rates are more pronounced when your blog starts generating more page views per month. Plenty of alternative ad networks have special prices for blogs that get over 100,000 page views a month. 

If you want to maximize blog earnings, it pays to shop around instead of sticking with AdSense. It’s a comfortable and safe option when starting, but you could miss out on so much money if you stay with it. 

Join An Affiliate Marketing Program

We’ve spoken about paid blog posts and advertising, so now we need to touch on affiliate marketing. The three methods form the ultimate trio of income sources for bloggers. Improving your blog revenue depends on using these methods together so each one can earn money for you. 

Affiliate marketing is arguably the best way to make money as it requires minimal effort. Join affiliate marketing programs and get affiliate links. Then, you need only insert your links in your blog content. Here’s where it gets easy; the links should already fit naturally into your content as you’re advertising things your audience is interested in. For fashion bloggers, you may join the Amazon Associates affiliate network and post links to the latest viral products on Amazon. It’s so easy to include them in your content without it seeming too promotional. The top-paid bloggers will generate the majority of their income from affiliate marketing or paid posts. 

Let’s run through the five tips again to ensure you get the message. Consistent content keeps your blog fresh, attracting new traffic and helping you grow a loyal audience. Evergreen content works to draw in traffic all the time and ensures your older posts still make money. As both help you generate more traffic, they have a knock-on effect on the other tips too. More traffic means you get more money from ad revenue and can convert more users through affiliate links. It also means brands are likely to want to work with you as they see your site gets many eyes on it. 

When all of these things combine, you’ll maximize blog revenue like never before! 

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