5 important and simple steps to actually plan your week: 2023 guide

the lazy gal how to plan your week sejal ghanate
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    You’re probably here because you felt like me a few weeks ago. Burned out, stressed, and your to-do list scrambled in your brain.

    Your week is just messed up. It’s all over the place and you want to change it. Desperately. But how? How do you change your life? You do it by changing this week, and the next. It doesn’t matter what day you’re reading this, start planning your week with this post.

    Here’s what you’ll need:

    • Calendar / Planner
    • Pen / Pencil
    • A glass of water
    • Something else to write on (journal, notes app, scraps of paper, etc)

    Let’s start talking about how to plan your week.

    Write down all the things you want to do for the week

    First, use the “something to write on”, and brain dump all your tasks. No matter how small or big, write them down. When you get them out of your head, you relieve stress. If this is your first time doing this, you can write down tasks no matter when you need to do them. You can then organize those in the coming weeks, to properly plan your week.

    For example, my weekly braindumps look like this:

    the lazy gal how to plan your week sejal ghanate paper braindump blue pen

    Sometimes they’re on Notion, a piece of paper, or a random document. Some weeks I have more tasks to do ahead of time, and other weeks it’s added on as the week goes. Don’t worry if you only have a few tasks at the start of the week. You can always add more to your brain dump, later on. This really helps to plan your week, because you don’t have to keep everything bundled in your head.

    tip: keep ongoing document/notes pages for your brain dump tasks, so you can always update them.

    Organize them in your planner

    Now, this is where you actually crack open your planner and see which days you’ll do which. Tasks with deadlines should be easy to organize, but if you have hobbies or ongoing projects, create a timeline for that.

    Let’s say you have to practice piano for 4 days a week, and you have to work on a large project. In the next step you can time block repeating tasks, but for big tasks create a timeline. It can be a basic outline of when you’ll complete this, and add it to your planner.

    “By next Monday, I’ll finish writing 2 paragraphs of my big essay.”

    “By the 13th, I’ll have this part of the finances done.”

    This helps to plan your week since you know what you need to get done, so you can add it to your planner beforehand.

    tip: don’t write everything in pen just yet, especially if it’s more than 3 days into the future. But if a pen is what you prefer the most, watch out for messy scratches.

    If you’re having trouble trying to balance it out, read this post on how I run my blog, finish my 7 courses, and still have time to relax!

    Time block/schedule them into your calendar

    This is the part where I open my online calendar. I use the Apple calendar to time block and to also schedule stuff already in my planner. Google Calendar is automatically synced with my Apple one, so all my google meets and such require no hassle. This certainly helps to plan my week because I can just glance at my calendar and see what I need to add, or what’ll take most of my time that week.

    I prefer online calendars for time blocking because:

    • It’s so much more customizable and flexible. If I have to work on something last minute, or have a change of plans, in just a few clicks my calendar will be updated.
    • I can bring this calendar with me everywhere and open it when need be. 
    • It’s less time-consuming to time block online than to shade everything out and create an outline for it on a paper planner.

    So if you’re new to time blocking here’s what I do:

    • Create labels, for example, guitar, school, events, exercise, blog, etc.
    • Assign colors to each one to make it look more aesthetic and pleasing to use. You can search up [color] palette, and you’ll find hex codes!
    • Repeat the events if they’re the same, instead of creating new ones.
    • I give myself time between the events, and try not to plan anything back to back.
    • Start off with only some parts of your week time blocked, and as time goes on you can start adding more events and plans. 
    • Don’t go overboard and plan every hour out, you’ll be too overwhelmed if plans change(which unfortunately they do).

    Color code

    man in black t-shirt using laptop computer the lazy gal how to plan your week sejal ghanate
    Picture by Anthony Riera on Unsplash

    I mentioned above to color code your labels when time blocking, but it’s also helpful when you’re writing things down ahead of time. It could be for different subjects or work/personal-related stuff. Of course, you won’t always have colored pens/pencils on hand but at least at the start of the week, you have an idea of which aspects of your life need the most attention.

    Goals list

    This is optional but I find it really helpful to write down my goals as well. My to-do list can be every single thing I need to get done, but my goals list is an overview. I suggest having it online so it’s easily accessible and very flexible. Your goals could be daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

    Update it every week, and when you start planning, write down every goal you have. If you don’t achieve your goal, then there’s always next week. If you do, good job !! 

    If the goal isn’t applicable anymore, just delete it. For me personally, a goal list is great for getting my priorities in order. Writing down your goals helps to plan your week since you can work on a hobby and remember to schedule it in it, so your week doesn’t just become work and/or school.

    You can also write this in a journal, and keep track of it there. If you want to start journaling, read this beginner guide!


    Well, that’s it! That’s how you plan your week, and once you lay down a foundation you can always alter it. Maybe time blocking isn’t your thing, or if you want to change the color palette, go for it!

    Just try not to do too many things at one time, or it will probably backfire and you’ll be burned out.

    Side Note:

    I know I’ve been gone for literally months, but the writing just hasn’t felt the same. I’m trying not to do too much at the beginning and just sticking to writing one day, and promoting another day.

    Consistency is something I want to work on and focus on. I want to focus on growing my blog. Maybe in the future, I’ll switch to some other topic, but for now, I want to help people, I want to guide them, and I want to connect with all of you.

    If you’re reading this now, thank you for being part of my support group. Love all of you guys !!

    Till next time, take care bae :))

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    Prachi Mittal
    1 year ago

    Indeed planning is real important to achieve desired results. I love the points given.

    1 year ago

    Fab tips here! I really love the idea of a brain dump, I think that would be super helpful for me as I can just cross things off. I also really love colour coding, it’s great for visualing things! Thanks for sharing, this was super helpful x

    1 year ago

    Lists are my jam! Without them I’d be lost daily. Thanks for the tips!

    1 year ago

    I didn’t realise how much I needed this post until I read it. Planning my week has become such a drain for me so I’ll defiantly take these tips into consideration and get using them asap! Thank you so much for sharing lovely Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

    Molly | Transatlantic Notes

    You’ve shared some great advice here; I’m pretty sure there are many of us who need to be a bit better at organizing our week. Thanks for sharing!

    1 year ago

    These are such easy and simple steps to plan your week. Thanks so much for sharing them!

    1 year ago

    Such a great post and one I definitely need! I’ve just launched a small business and being organised it so important, going to be using some of these tips for sure!

    Follow by Email25