6 Important Reasons You Need to Build Muscle.

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Adding muscle to the body is something that many people shy away from. They’re not “that sort of person.”

But it turns out that evidence is continually pointing towards the benefits of having a muscular frame. Individuals with plenty of muscle are less likely to develop chronic diseases and more likely to stave off the effects of getting old. Some longevity practitioners claim that muscular training is the most powerful intervention available for anyone wanting to remain healthy and fit long-term. 

Because of this, the growth of personal training services is exploding. More people are coming to understand the medical and well-being-related benefits of growing and developing their muscles. It’s almost a national pastime. 

So, what are the specific reasons you should aim to add more muscle? 

Improved Insulin Sensitivity

The main reason for adding muscle to your body is improved insulin sensitivity. When you have larger, healthier muscles, it reduces sugar spikes after meals and helps you maintain metabolic health, fighting off obesity and high blood pressure. Keeping insulin levels low lets you keep a more youthful blood profile which is essential for preventing diabetes and its complications. 

A Longer Life

Another significant benefit of adding muscle to your frame could be a longer life. The more muscular a person is, the less likely they will experience sarcopenia when they get older, a type of chronic wasting or frailty that can increase the risk of injury for those over the age of 65. 

Muscle strength and function are essential for fall prevention and ensuring you can keep your balance into your latter years. The more strength you have in your legs, the less likely you are to have an accident. 

Improved Bone Health

Resistance training and building muscle also train the bones, making them stronger, too. Exercise stimulates bone growth and slashes the risk of developing chronic diseases, such as osteoporosis. Bones are less likely to be weak and brittle over time since strength training forces them to increase their resistance to external forces. 

Better Mental Health

People who aim to build muscle may also have superior mental health. Building muscle appears to improve people’s mood and overall sense of life satisfaction, similar to other forms of exercise. Individuals are less likely to experience anxiety, depression, or other factors associated with a sedentary lifestyle. 

Evidence also shows that regular weight training could also have benefits for cognitive function, making it an excellent option for older people. You may find you can concentrate and focus better on your work after several weeks of weight training. 

Improved Hormonal Balance

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Another benefit of regularly hitting the weights at the gym is a better hormonal balance. Adding muscle to your frame alters testosterone production and can improve mood through that mechanism. The more testosterone you produce, the happier you are likely to feel if you are coming from already-low levels. 

Improved Sleep

Finally, adding muscle to your frame could improve your sleep. Training in the morning helps to create a natural rhythm to your day, making you feel sleepy in the evenings. 

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