A Workout Review on Lilly Sabri.

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So I’ve been doing workouts by Lilly Sabri for a little more than 2 months. And they were certainly a different path for me. I’m relatively new to working out seeing that I only began in March.

I first started with Chloe Ting, and then Emi Wong, Holly Dolke, Gabriella Whited, Pamela Reif, etc. I did Chloe’s workouts from time to time, but I started branching out. And then I stumbled on to Linda Sun, a fitness YouTuber.

I’ve mentioned her in another post of mine, 7 Best Simple & Healthy Snacks to Gravitate Towards. Linda talked about Lilly Sabri, and how she encourages you. The video was about Lilly’s 14-day Summer Shred Challenge.

So I started following Lilly’s programs, and I’ve seen results. Without further ado, here are some of the most asked questions about Lilly Sabri.

Who is Lilly Sabri?

Lilly Sabri is the founder of Lean with Lilly and has been a Chartered Physiotherapist since 2010. Plus an APPI Pilates instructor, fitness, health, and lifestyle influencer. She began her fitness career by teaching HIIT classes, and international boot camps in the UK and Dubai.

She’s loved sports and being active from a young age which led to her pursuing Physiotherapy at University. Soon, she found herself working with elite athletes and brands. She has a Youtube channel with over a million subscribers. This is more of an on-paper bio however, from what I’ve gathered in her videos, she’s a caring, dedicated, and brilliant person.

Are Lilly Sabri’s workouts free?

Yes, if you sign up for her weekly newsletters, you’ll get her programs straight into your inbox. She does have Lean Guides, which she sells from $23 to $75. She also sells resistance bands, long bands, and cookbooks. Find them here: all-products.

But her workout programs range from a week to a month and she has more on her website, which targets specific muscles. Like the Fat Burn & Tone Bootcamp or Booty Lift & Waist Sculpt Challenge and many more.

Do you get results from her workouts?

It honestly depends. For the most part yes, if you stick with them. Lilly has sort of clickbait titles, but she stresses the importance of patience and commitment. You won’t gain abs or reach your desired weight goal overnight. And she knows that.

But since I’ve begun her workouts, I’ve seen more defined lines, and I’ve certainly become stronger and more flexible. So if you continue to do them, and challenge yourself, you will see results. It may seem difficult, but her personality will keep you pushing to the end.

Does Lilly have an app?

As of the moment(11/28/20), Lilly doesn’t have an app. But she’s in the process of developing one, so be on the watch for that.

I’m not sure if the app is going to be paid or free, but you can always follow her workouts.

Her videos on Youtube are free and you can make it more challenging with resistance bands, dumbells, etc.

What does Lilly Sabri eat in a day?

Lilly has many videos on what she eats, and she also has a Recipes section on her websites. You’ll also see a few posts on her Blog section of the website, about intuitive eating, meal prep, etc. Lilly doesn’t shy away from food, and she satisfies all her food needs. Which is one of the things I love about her.


I hope you enjoyed this workout review on Lilly. She’s a really wonderful person, with an adorable dog. I do hope you check her out, and try her workouts, they’re a blast! Here are more fitness influencers to check out.

If you liked this review, let me know in the comments below. And if you have any other fitness influencers for me to try, leave a comment!

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  1. Lilly is the only person who gets me to workout, her energy and workouts are above any others I have tried

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