i’m guessing you clicked on the about me, because you’re wondering who the lil writer behind the lazy gal is. well, you found her!

i strongly believe everything happens for a reason, so I know that whoever you are, stumbling upon this blog is no accident.

(i rewrote this jan 2024, 3 years after I wrote the first about me page, if you really want to, you can read it here. (cringe alert tho))

i’ve gone through a lot of changes in the past 4 years of the lazy gal, i mean that’s just high school, but i’m happy for this change. this year, 2024, i’ll be 18 and my life might never be the same. i’m unsure of the possibilities that lie ahead, but i know they will be good. you must believe the same for yourself too.

this is me ⤵

i’m the type of person who loves Pinterest, reading, candles, fall, sweet treats, late-night drives with music blasting, food, outfit checks, the color sage green, laughing so hard you cry… and so much more.

If we don’t love the same things, we might have the same pet peeves. I hate having my routines messed up, people with negative energy, or being an early riser. I hate slow walkers, people who bring your dreams to their level, and inconsiderate folks.

my personality has developed on the lazy gal a lot more than in the beginning, and if you follow my podcast you know i’m quite the character.

(ps. if you’re new, i have a podcast on spotify, apply, and youtube!!! listen to it here. plus all my socials and other links are on there too)

Some other things about me: My favorite genres are romcoms, I can’t live without my noise-canceling headphones, i take pictures all the time, and I’m a big foodie. I’m a nerd when it comes to word games, like word hunt or NYT mini crossword. I love music(100,000+ plus minutes on spotify last year), and my top 3 singers are taylor swift, mitski, and the weeknd/one direction/drake/etc it changes every year)

this blog is filled with posts from productivity, wellness, and lifestyle to cookery and blogging, etc. you will certainly find something you like, but recently i have been posting guest content. if you want to see original sejal the lazy gal content, please make your way to my podcast, email newsletter(at the bottom), and social platforms.

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