Announcement: I’m going on a blog hiatus + FAQ(?).

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Hey guys! This will be a short post and maybe the last you’ll see in a few weeks. I’ve decided to take a blog hiatus/break for the next month, I’ll try my best to be active on social media. Here are some answers to questions you may have:

Why are you going on a break?

My school has recently gone back to in-person, and it took a bigger toll on me than I thought. This change was a shock since my school didn’t really mention it beforehand. So, I need to study for upcoming tests plus my finals. I also work part-time, and that has been taking up chunks of my time as well.

I’m studying and reviewing for finals and incoming tests. I’m also behind in writing and publishing posts, so I want to get on top of that as fast as I can.

Plus, blogging has started to feel like a chore, and that’s a pretty big sign to take a break.

When will the break be over?

I’m thinking a month and a week. I need to focus on school, without any nagging from my brain saying things like:

  • “You need to work on your blog.”
  • “You haven’t even started a post.”
  • “Did you post on social media yet.”
  • “What about comments??”

So, expect me fully back on June 4th. Plus, content on The Lazy Gal will likely be of more quality, since I’ll be in a better mindset. And when summer starts I’ll have more time to create more content for my readers, followers, and email subscribers.

Will any posts be published, or products?

No, not that I’ve decided on so far. Like I said, I’ve been behind on publishing and creating products for my email subscribers.

You can sign up here for a “How to Beat Reading Procrastination” checklist btw:

This blog won’t be updated, but there will be a bunch of stuff being done on the back end. Which leads to my next point.

What will you be doing over this break?

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photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

Obviously studying, and school work. I need to create final plans, and all that.

But as I said, I really need to start writing posts beforehand. I’ll be using writing as a burnout barrier, this way I’m not too overwhelmed by school. I may be active on Twitter and other social media, but not as much as before.

So, I’ll be doing school, writing posts, planning content and all that. Mainly just behind the scenes stuff, like planning and deciding on font changes and such.

Will you be completely off the radar? Can we still contact you?

I’ll be on social media, and still, get notifications of course. Maybe I’ll tweet here and there, and talk to fellow bloggers but that’s probably it. You may see me in your feed once and twice, and feel free to remind me to stop procrastinating on my studying haha.

As for the second question, of course! If you have any questions to do with my blog or mental health/fitness questions I’ll try my best to answer them. I actually have a “contact me” section under more info on my blog that’s always open, and my DMs are open as well no matter the app.

Aren’t you worried that you’ll lose readers?

When I was researching about going on a blog hiatus, there were a bunch of opinions on this. I won’t be promoting that much during my hiatus, so my views will probably be affected a lot. But school and my well-being comes first, so if I lose readers but am happy with life as it, then I can come to terms with that.

Plus, I can always go back into bloggings, it’s only a few weeks. I’m not that worried about readers, seeing how blogging threads and social media will most likely be there by the time my hiatus is over.

On the off chance my hiatus goes longer than planned, I’ll update you for sure.


I’ve met so many amazing people on my blogging journey so far, and I can’t wait to meet more. I’ll see you all again, in a few weeks. To all those students out there, if you need to take a blog break as well, please do! Honestly to any blogger who wants to go on a blog hiatus, I hope this post showed you that it’s nothing to be scared or ashamed of.

Till next time(June 4th),

take care!!

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