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5 Blogging Tips to Survive (and Thrive) in Today’s Blogging World

Here’s who I think you are:

  1. A blogger, wondering if anyone else is also feeling burned out and unmotivated (if you want some motivating writing quotes, this post is for YOU)
  2. Someone who aspires to blog
  3. A blogger who wants to see the life of another blogger

Even if you aren’t any of the above, this post is filled with blogging tips that will help you see the expectations and reality of blogging.

Blogging Expectations:

You write a post, and you post on social media about it, and boom you have readers swarming your website. 

Your ads are performing well, you have brands reaching out to you. You have people following you daily, and more email subscribers. People are buying your products, opening your emails, and telling their friends about your posts and products.

Your posts are being read and shared. People are engaging with you and want to know more and read more. Your corner of the internet is being appreciated. And that’s great, that’s something I want for my blog. That’s something I want for you. 

I want to impact my readers, and I want them to think of me as a dependable and helpful person.

But unfortunately, that’s not how blogging is.

Blogging Reality:

the lazy gal sejal ghanate blogging Expectations vs Reality (+ 5 beginner tips!!)person using macbook
Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

You finally get to writing, and when you started you probably researched and started getting post ideas. You had a schedule, and you know you need some form of social media.

All you have to do now is to write, publish and just mention it to your friends and followers. Sorry, to say this, but that’s not how it works.

It’ll take a while to organically get followers, and a lot longer to build a connection with other bloggers and readers. Establishing trust in your niche’s community is something every blogger needs to do.

You can’t be blogging about numerous niches and expect people to stay. Usually, people care about one thing, people who read about cars won’t necessarily read about gardening. I blog about productivity and tips that will help you become the best version of yourself. I have posts like workout reviews and time management, and I have some posts about blogging(like this one!).

I have to create pins and social media posts, and I have to schedule these as well. I comment and build relations with other bloggers and influencers in my niche. I also have to keep up with my email newsletter and write posts for my blog. There’s a lot of time that goes into blogging, that’s unseen by readers.

These apps help you manage and spend your time blogging much better!

Don’t let this scare you though! Start small, and use these tips below to help you.

Blogging Tips

Here are a few blogging tips

  • Blogging Tip #1: Start making friends early on. The better relationship you have with fellow bloggers, the more fun and beneficial your blogging career will be. These bloggers will be the reason you write and promote on hard days. You can find new opportunities such as guest posts and free promos.
  • Blogging Tip #2: Plan ahead! Make your content calendar right now. Even if it’s just a list of post ideas and their scheduled posting dates. Sometimes you might feel like writing a different post, and that’s okay. You can refer to your post ideas and write a better post. Use this post to help you plan your week and include your blogging duties.
the lazy gal sejal ghanate blogging Expectations vs Reality (+ 5 beginner tips!!)person typing on a laptop computer
Image by NeONBRAND on Unsplash
  • Blogging Tip #3: Schedule dates every few weeks so you can go back and interlink blog posts. The more posts you write, the bigger your content library.
  • Blogging Tip #4: Only focus on two social media platforms. For me that’s Twitter and Pinterest, I use Linkedln In occasionally. I recently created an Instagram for my blog, and I’m following everyone back!
  • Blogging Tip #5: Write. Write. Write. I wish someone told me to focus on writing first, because it may seem like that’s most of the work, but it’s not. Writing blog posts is 30% while promoting, connecting, emailing newsletters, creating pins/infographics, commenting, etc is the other 70%. In the beginning, schedule posts for at least 1-3 months, and then start creating social media posts.

Six Tips For Blogging From Home Safely

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I hope this helped clear your mind about any blogging doubts. I know it may seem tough but if you enjoy writing and talking about your niche, then you should certainly go for it. If you feel like investing in your blog is too big of a commitment try Medium for a few months to test the waters.

It’s free to write and publish there, and that’s where I started as well. You can check my profile right here:

I’m trying to write more, so you might see another post next month instead of a 3-month dry spell. I’m planning on just writing, and focusing on social media after. I can’t believe it’s already April! My birthday’s next month and I’m so excited.

That’s it for this post, take care babe :))

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2 years ago

I honestly thought I would just sit down and my thoughts would automatically just jump on my notes app and write themselves. And since I’ve started I’ve had to push through when writing. I currently have a blog that I was excited to write until I finished and now I don’t even think I want to publish it anymore. Sometimes it’s not what I expected it to be but I’m really still enjoying it and enjoying the learning stage of it all.

Really enjoyed this piece

2 years ago

I liked your thoughts on blogging and how you call attention to expectations vs reality. Blogging takes consistency and I think you have to love it otherwise it gets really complicated when there are downturns. Thanks for sharing your insights, I’m sure you will help many of us!

2 years ago

These are definitely some of the realities of blogging. I’m seven years (five of which have been full-time) and a total rebrand into my journey as a blogger and I’m still learning so much and changing the way I blog. It’s more work than I’ve ever done in my life and 100% worth it!

2 years ago

Great post! These are certainly some very useful tips for new bloggers. Thanks for sharing!

Ramblings of a Nobody
2 years ago

Those blog expectations are the absolute dream. Some great tips here, and definitely a more realistic view of life as a blogger.

2 years ago

How relatable a blog post can be? Well, very much so in this case! I feel like most times there is so much to do, I don’t even know where to start. And you are absolutely right, focus on content and 2 social platforms, because the more you do, the more likely you are to cause yourself burnout!

2 years ago

These are such great tips for beginners starting to blog! Thanks for sharing this valuable info!

2 years ago

This is such a good post, thank you so much for sharing! It’s really relatable. I think people start blogging expecting to go viral straight away and that’s not usually the case. It’s takes years of hard work, burn outs and motivation to get somewhere with blogging and I wish more people understood that. I think this post will really help both the people who are wanting to start blogging and those who are already bloggers who just need something to relate to. Xo

Elle –

2 years ago

This is such a helpful resource! I don’t think I ever realised just how much work goes on behind the scenes before I started my blog, and it feels like I spend so much more time on social media than actually writing – but I wouldn’t change anything, I’m so grateful for all my readers! Thanks for sharing x

2 years ago

Lovely tips! I’ve been nodding my head whole time while reading it. 😀 Blogging is definitely a full time-job. Scheduling dates and writing posts beforehand has helped me massively as a blogger! Thank you so much for sharing. x Penny /