6 delicious fall recipes that are guaranteed to make you want to bake immediately. the lazy gal rolling pin whisk and treats picture sejal ghanate

6 delicious fall recipes that are guaranteed to make you want to bake immediately.

It’s November. It’s fall. And what’s autumn without some delicious and fall recipes. These recipes are straight from the blogging community, and I love doing posts like this. Not only do these wonderful writers get more readers, but I also read more posts I wouldn’t usually stumble on. I don’t have any set fall recipes, but I usually make brownies or make something cinammony. Cinnamon and nutmeg and all the fall spices make the season what it is.

Let’s start!

Danish Brunsviger Cake Recipe

First we have a mouthwatering cake recipe from Tales of Belle! Trying new recipes is always fun, and if you have time during Thanksgiving, let me know if you’ve tried this recipe! I loved reading Karalee’s post, and she says that the cake(Brunsviger) is a popular cake in Denmark that originated from Fyn (the island in between Sjælland and Jylland). The ingredients look like your standard ones, so if you’re bored one day, try this fall recipe!

Cinnamon Rolls

6 delicious fall recipes that are guaranteed to make you want to bake immediately. the lazy gal cinnamon rolls picture sejal ghanate

Would it be fall without some cinnamon rolls? Nope, it wouldn’t. Thankfully, A Spoonful of Vanilla, came and saved the day. Sarah’s absolutely correct about how cinnamon makes the whole house smell marvelous. The rolls and the icing consist of common ingredients and are simple to make. She also has some great add-ons like Nutella or sprinkled Biscoff.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Rolls

Let’s say you’re seriously craving some cinnamon rolls AND something pumpkin spice. Well, Sarah has got your back! The rolls also have a coffee flavor, are quite easy to make if you’ve made cinnamon rolls before. She gives step by step instructions, and they’re very clear to follow! The perfect combination for a fall recipe.

Sticky Toffee Loaf Cake

Another great fall recipe by A Spoonful of Vanilla. The photos she uploaded, looked so good and I think the ingredients look so delicious, I just know they’ll taste so good in this recipe. This is perfect for potlucks or company parties, vanilla extract is always there to make sure your dish is the best!

6 delicious fall recipes that are guaranteed to make you want to bake immediately. the lazy gal person needing dough with their hands picture sejal ghanate

Apple Coffee Cake

You know what, this is exactly what I’m looking for. Cinnamon and sugar? With warm apples baked into something coffee, this recipe was made for my taste buds! It looks pretty easy to make, and something great to pop into the oven before an evening snack.

Pumpkin Bread

What’s more fall, than pumpkins? Especially pumpkin bread, I just know this smells sooo amazing. It’ll go great with your evening coffee, or just to sit outside and enjoy while watching the leaves fall and the sun set.


Well, those are 6 fall recipes that would taste amazing! Baking and cooking in the fall is just so therapeutic. Light a candle, play your favorite music, wear a cozy sweater. AND, you get a yummy treat afterwords. I love the range these treats had from ethnic to cinnamon rolls. I hope you guys check out fall recipes from these amazing bloggers! Comment on their posts, and let them know what you think of their mouth watering recipes.

Comment down below if you’ve read any of these posts, and which recipe you want to make the most! I already know, all these fall recipes will make your house smell fantastic. With all the yummy scents such as cinnamon and vanilla extract, this is a very rewarding activity.

On a more personal note, I tried my very best to publish a post in November. I tried to get this fall recipe post earlier in the month, but unfortunately I kept on pushing it. I can’t believe it’s almost December. 2023 is just around the corner, and unfortunately my finals are too. Let me know also if you have types of posts you would like me to write, such as December rounds up if you’ve liked this one.

Take care! till next time


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1 year ago

Oh yum. These all look so good. I will have to keep them in mind for next fall!

1 year ago

Apple coffee cake sounds scrumptious 😋..will def try this recipe

Under Flowery Sky
1 year ago

JUst delightful, I would like to try some of them..

Andrea Hunt
1 year ago

ohhhh pumpkin bread!! I love everything with pumpkin! those are wonderful recipes thank you so much for sharing these just in time for Christmas! 🙂

1 year ago

These recipes are amazing. I love cinnamon rolls and anything loaf 😋. This has made me want to get back into baking next year! Thank you, this post is exactly what I needed

Her Digital Coffee
1 year ago

What a great list of recipes! I love cinnamon rolls and the idea of a pumpkin spiced latte roll has me drooling. Thanks for sharing!

1 year ago

These are all brilliant recipes from some brilliant bloggers we love, can’t wait to get baking!

1 year ago

Oooh these look super good. I wish I had some baked lol

Jenny Marston
1 year ago

The sticky toffee loaf looks amazing. My partner would LOVE that! I might have to go and save that recipe to have a crack at this month 🙂

Under Flowery Sky
1 year ago

Awesome ideas, I would love to try cinnamon and pumpkin rolls.
They sound just perfect with the colder weather. Also apple cake
looks so delicious, I should try it with coffee..