How to make an Almond Butter Bowl: you'll love it for sure! the lazy gal Sejal ghanate
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How to make an Almond Butter Bowl: 5 easy steps.

Okay… so this post is going to be about one of my obsessions for the past month or so. Almond Butter! More specifically almond butter bowls!

I used to eat almond butter toast every day a year or two back, but I recently bought a new bottle after listening to Trin’s podcast Wellness Cafe. Which, by the way, is my favorite podcast. I listen to her when I go on walks, and on the way to my workouts. Anyways, she talks about her newfound obsession with almond butter bowls, and I was like omg I need to try it again.

So I did. I got a bottle from Costco and made myself an Almond Butter Banana Toast, and you can find the recipe here! But then I heard her talk about smoothie bowls and I was like wait a dang second. I’ve never heard of smoothie bowls before this, especially for breakfast. What I made is more similar to a parfait, however, I still call it an Almond Butter Bowl. 

So I got together some simple ingredients, and decided to make something brand new, an almond butter bowl! 

Here’s the standard recipe for an almond butter bowl:

  • 1 cup to 1.5 cups of yogurt(I use organic plain Verka)
  • A spoonful of Almond Butter. (there’s no specific brand I used)
  • Any fruit
  • Chia Seeds(Use how much you want)
  • Honey(Again, use as much as you want)

(If you would like, you can also add granola to it. Or crushed nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, cashews, etc. Maybe even raisins, if you want to add something sweet to it.)


This recipe is pretty easy to make, and there are a lot of options for customization. This way you never get bored. It fills you up pretty well too!

  • I first scooped the yogurt into a bowl.
  • Cut up the fruit, I either use half a banana or apples. 
  • I then put a scoop of almond butter on the side
  • Pour honey all over the contents in the bowl
  • And top it off with like 3 spoons of chia seeds.
How to make an Almond Butter Bowl: you'll love it for sure!  the lazy gal Sejal ghanate


Almond butter bowls are great for breakfast if it’s warm out, and it only takes at most 10-15 mins to make in the morning. Almond Butter and Honey taste soooo good. I haven’t tried it with peanut butter, but let me know how it goes! I personally prefer apples instead of bananas, because they are more crunchy and the tartness goes with the sweet yogurt and honey.

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If you’re looking for another breakfast idea, try this ⤴︎

Not only is this recipe really delicious, but it’s also packed with protein and healthy fat. If you like oats, you can always substitute them instead of yogurt. If you want to eat this as a pre-workout snack, you completely can. Even a post-workout one, or after/between classes or work. You can even store it in the fridge and take it and go. 

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I mentioned above that you can use oats instead of yogurt, you can also adjust this recipe for overnight oats. I’m sure chia pudding would also taste good with some almond butter mixed into it. That’s just how versatile it is!

Have you ever tried making something similar to this? If so, let me know in the comments below. If you did try this recipe, let me know how it goes!

You can tweet me @the_lazygal on Twitter, and I have a LinkedIn page if you want more posts and freebie updates.

Till next time,

See ya. 

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Melody Jacob Blog
1 year ago

I’m going to have to attempt to make this because it sounds so good. I never would have thought to combine almond butter and honey. It sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing!

Happy weekend

Molly | Transatlantic Notes

Okay, this sounds delicious! I am an almond butter fan too but haven’t had any in the longest time so it sounds like I’m going to have to go off and get some! Lovely recipe; it sounds nice and easy!

1 year ago

Great post! I’ve been doing similar bowls a lot lately – they’re just so easy and still delicious. I haven’t added chia seeds (lol to the photo taking comment), but I’ll have to try it out. Thanks for sharing!

Food Explora Blog- Kevin Foodie

Your almond butter bowl is a perfect breakfast idea. Looks healthy and delicious. Your smoothies are a definite going on my to make list. Thanks for sharing these healthy and easy recipes.

Jade MumLifeAndMe
1 year ago

Wow! I love almond butter and smoothie bowls and this one looks divine. Thanks so much for sharing. Jade MumLifeAndMe

Fransic verso
1 year ago

This looks yummy and I love eating fruits in different ways. I will try this one. Thank you for sharing!

1 year ago

This looks delicious, and it’s so simple to make too! Thanks for sharing!

1 year ago

This looks so yum! I need to try this.

L Focused on a faith
L Focused on a faith
1 year ago

I don’t know where my mind was this weekend. I read this post and totally loved it! I will for sure be sharing it and hopefully trying it very soon!

1 year ago

This recipe sounds so delicious, I am definitely going to try making this now! Almond butter and honey is a combo I never thought of putting together, but I think that it would work in so many different ways! It sounds so good! Thanks for sharing this!