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Okay…maybe not forever. But, uh you never know. In case you haven’t heard, the Simpsons have a pretty good track record of predicting the future. So uh, *checks notes*, there’s a 93.69% of this becoming true.

This means if we’re going to become the best of bffs, we should know a few things about each other. I’ll go first;

  • I’ve loved to write ever since I could.
  • The same with reading.
  • I’m a big sucker for cool stationery, cliche tropes, cheesy jokes, ur mom jokes, and greek mythology
  • I play the guitar and I’m in Jiu Jitsu as well !!
  • I love baking, cooking, and singing my vocal chords out when I’m alone.
  • I’m a big foodie :))

Enough about me, it’s your turn! Tell me in the comments, or feel free to message me on Twitter.

I really want to know, because as much as this is an “about me” page, I’m more interested in you.

Not your neighbor, or your second-removed cousin, just you. But hey, if they want to read this blog too, I’ve got nothing against that. :))

So, who are you? And what brought you here? Are you trying to become the best version of yourself? Strengthen your confidence? Find more self-care tips? Get that motivation, and discipline for the journey on becoming the best you?

If that’s you. And you’re kinda mind-blown, how accurate this is. Welcome to ‘the lazy gal’, where I share tips, guides, and other posts on becoming the best you. Both on the outside and inside.

Quarantine was an eye-opener for me, and I finally put some energy into becoming the best me. I’m not there yet, but I’m getting closer every day. It’s hard, tiresome, but it’s also extremely rewarding. Because the one person you can always depend on at the end of the day is you.

Also, you won’t only find “become the best you” content, but other things like lifestyle tips, routines, cookery posts, reviews, etc. With all that content, you’re bound to find something you like. So, stick around for more content. You can also find me on social media here:

Don’t hesitate to say hi, and tell me more about you!

Here’s a sneak peek of my two most active platforms, Instagram and Twitter!

“You can rise up from anything. You can recreate yourself completely. Nothing is permanent. You’re not stuck…”

If you’re looking, for where to go after this check out these posts:

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