here's how to reduce stress while traveling! sejal ghanate the lazy gal fatjoe publishing
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3 Effective Techniques to Reduce Stress While Traveling.

Traveling is one of life’s biggest joys, but it can also be highly stressful, this post is here to help you reduce stress while traveling. We’ve all been in situations when it’s time to travel and we’re completely stressed out. There feels like a million and one things to remember – and something is bound to go wrong.

Then, when we finished traveling, things pretty much went okay. Nothing terrible happened, so why all the stress!?

Today, you’re going to learn how to avoid all of this stress by learning how to reduce stress while traveling. To do this, we’ll tackle some of the main causes of stress while you travel, which are: 

  • Missing flights/trains
  • Your belongings getting lost
  • Delays

How to avoid the stress of missing flights/trains/buses

We always get super stressed about timings during travel days. You have to get a flight or a train/bus at a certain time, yet you’re terrified about missing it. Dealing with this is as simple as being more prepared and leaving plenty of time. 

Don’t leave at the last minute, this will help you reduce stress while traveling. Instead, give yourself an extra hour to play with. If your train leaves at a certain time, aim to get to the station 30-60 minutes before. Sure, you may turn up very early, but at least you’re there and have nothing to stress about. With flights, try to be there 3 hours before the departure time. This will help you get to the airport, check in your luggage, and get through security all with plenty of time to spare. 

Alongside this, pack everything and prepare a checklist the night before. Tick everything off the list and double-check again in the morning, and you will reduce stress while traveling. If you pack on the day of travel, you have a greater risk of running over and missing important timings! Thus, stress ensues. 

here's how to reduce stress while traveling! sejal ghanate the lazy gal fatjoe publishing

How to avoid the stress of losing belongings

It’s arguably your greatest fear when a flight lands and you’re waiting in the baggage hall. Everyone else has got their bags and you’re the last one waiting at the belt. Traveling was supposed to help you feel happy, but right now you are stressed to the core. 

Has your luggage gone missing? If so, what on earth are you going to do – think about how much money is lost, and what will you wear during your trip?!t

Thankfully, there are two things you can do to either prevent this instance from happening or feel less stressed when it does. 

Firstly, carry luggage on the plane with you when possible, rather than checking a bag in. Secondly, find a travel insurance company like Generali and take out as much coverage as possible to reduce stress while traveling. This way, if your luggage does get lost, you can make a claim and get money from the insurance provider to replace everything. It makes the whole process much less stressful as you know you’re protected if things get lost. 

How to avoid the stress of delays

Flight delays cause loads of stress because you need to be somewhere by a certain time to check into your accommodation. There’s nothing you can do to prevent delays, but you can reduce stress while traveling. 

Again, travel insurance helps as you can get some financial compensation for big delays, which helps to pay for emergency accommodation. It’s also advised that you book flexible accommodation that lets you check in late to reduce stress while traveling. There’s also no need to worry about transportation as all airports have taxi services or transfers you can book when you land. Also, when your flight is delayed, call the accommodation and let them know and they can cater to your situation. This gives you peace of mind and helps you reduce stress while traveling. 

Will you ever remove 100% of stress when traveling? Probably not, but the ideas above will help you tackle some of the biggest reasons you feel stressed and anxious. 

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