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Six Tips For Blogging From Home Safely

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Blogging safely is something that every blogger wants when they’re working from home or on the go. Whether you’re new to the blogging world or you’re someone who has been kicking around for nearly a decade now, protecting yourself and your safety as a blogger is key.

Bloggers are often just like influencers, where they generate loyal followers and sometimes, too loyal a fan that tries to figure out where you live. Not only that but you’ve got the increased risk of danger online when it comes to cyber criminals.

Protecting yourself is key so with that being said, here are six tips for blogging from home safely.

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Always keep your connection secure

Your connection when working online should always be secure. Whether you’re working at home or somewhere with public WIFI, on your desktop, laptop, or tablet device, all connections to said devices should be secure.

If you’re worried about your connection, then it’s better to work from home than it is to go to a public spot and use a public WIFI. There are also ways of working offline that you can then transfer to your blog domain, once you get home or to a more secure connection.

To help keep your connections secure, make sure you’re using a reputable internet provider and that you’ve got firewalls in place that protect your connection online. Avoid any websites that are likely to be risky when it comes to potential cyber attackers.

Protect your devices

To help keep your devices protected when blogging, it’s important to have the right apps and software in place. Some of the best security apps for iPhone are useful to know in order to keep every aspect of your device locked out from those cybercriminals.

Your mobile device is not the only important device to protect either. If you’re working predominantly from a desktop, laptop, or tablet device, then all three of these devices need to be protected also.

You can usually get security software and antimalware software that helps protects multiple devices, which might be needed for most modern bloggers nowadays.

Keep all software updated

It’s not just devices that need protecting but any of the software that you’re using in relation to your blogging should also be protected. Keeping all your software updated is going to help reduce the risk of cybercriminals infiltrating your logins and stealing information.

As a blogger, you’re likely to use a range of software depending on your needs as a blogger. From QuickBooks for accounting needs to design software for photo editing like BeFunky.  Every account you hold and subscription you have where you’ve exchanged financial information, will need to be protected and kept up to date.

Thankfully nowadays though, a lot of these software options are cloud-based and therefore updated automatically without you needing to do anything yourself.

Have security plugins on your blog

Talking of security, your blog should also be well protected. Wherever you have your blog, whether that’s WordPress or WIX, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got security plugins in place.

These plugins are great for adding those extra layers of security you want when it comes to the blog itself. While your initial logins might be secure, there are other ways in which hackers can break into your blog. Therefore, it’s worth finding solutions that will help ensure you continue blogging from home safely.

Write under a pseudonym 

While many influencers showcase their lives and therefore provide more of themselves online, it makes them an easier target for hackers to steal their information.

Many bloggers and influencers though will instead, choose to write or operate under a pseudonym. By not giving out your real name or any information about yourself that could be tracked and traced, it makes it harder for cyber criminals to make you one of their victims.

While it might not be for everyone, writing under a pseudonym might be worthwhile.

Be careful about what you blog if you’re employed

When it comes to blogging, you want to be conscious of what you’re blogging about. After all, you don’t want to be in a position where you’re chatting about topics online that feedback to your employer and go against their policies when it comes to your employment.

Be wary about what you talk about and if that could be a potential problem, consider the idea above of writing under a pseudonym instead.

Blogging at home safely is something that can be done easily but it’s important you’re doing what you can to help identify those dangers and avoid them as a blogger.

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