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this is the first episode of season 2 on spring non-negotiable, and I’m excited for all the episodes planned. In season 2 I’m going to do my first full podcast series, the solo series, where I go in-depth on how to enjoy time alone and become more comfortable with being by yourself. These episodes will be released on alternate episode release days. So I’m still planning what the schedule is because the episodes will be shorter and I might be able to do one every week, but that’s undecided.

so I’ll release an episode that’s not in the solo series and the next episode will be in the solo series. I also want to post the episodes on my blog with a mini transcript. my biggest struggle right now is being consistent whether that be content or being productive.

spring 2023 reset; 5 powerful areas that you need to change.

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but I hope to turn a new leaf this spring and that’s where I got into the idea of spring non-negotiable! which is basically what this episode is all about. things that we need to bring into spring to make the best out of it. spring is around 3 months, and these are 5 non-negotiable things.

so first:

spring non-negotiable #1: daily intentions

This is something I’ve been doing the last few days where the night before I will write at least 3 things I want to accomplish. and I try to be as specific as possible for example:

  • filming the first podcast episode and making sure I’m happy with it instead of film


  • coding the toolbar and figuring out how to hide it instead of just code

the reason for this is because if we’re not specific our brains don’t know what we want to do. like yeah, we might want to exercise or code, but what will make us feel productive and accomplished? is it a 3-mile run or finishing a certain part of that huge task? I watched a YouTube video by Bahja Abdi where she goes more in-depth about it. the entire YouTube video is about micro-habits and I enjoyed watching it, I also got inspired to do daily intentions

→ try to write on paper

→don’t make it into a chore, this is something ur doing to improve your life, be excited and grateful that u can accomplish these goals

spring non-negotiable #2: letting things go

this is something I kinda had to learn the hard way and it’s harder than it sounds. especially if ur used to overthinking all the time some tips I’ve learned and used in the past few months are:

  • so what? if you didn’t get the job position, it doesn’t mean you’ll never have a job. who knows maybe you’re another job application from our dream job. or the job u got instead will be the best thing that ever happened, maybe you met amazing people or the love of your life.
  • was this ur main goal or just a stepping stone? this is something I had to tell myself when I didn’t get into my dream college. yes, these colleges are amazing and would’ve helped me with my goals, but it was never my end goal. my end goal is to have a good-paying job that I enjoy doing with people who I’m excited to work with. my dream college doesn’t guarantee that. it doesn’t guarantee a quiet life or anything I pictured. it’s what I made out of it, it was simply a stepping stone. so that is something u have to think about and kind of separate. was this ur everything or just a proposed path?
  • whatever happened has happened. yes cry and mourn over it, let yourself feel that feeling. but understand that ur not doing anyone a favor by just sulking or letting your emotions overwhelm u. the world spins whether it is a good day or a bad day. unfortunately, there is nothing u can do, but let the sun rise and set and pull urself up and take things slow. one step forward is better than steps backward.

spring non-negotiable #3: taking rest days

relating to what I said previously about feeling that feeling. feel sad, bitter, grief, and let yourself feel that. that’s one of the most important things about being a better person or improving ur life, letting yourself process things. everything takes time, the breakup will hurt less, that layoff won’t sting, and the sun on our faces will make things worth living. however, you will never understand the feeling of stepping outside in the sunlight or being productive in the mornings, the joy in the small things if you don’t let urself feel the opposite. I believe gratitude is the reason why we feel so deeply. we know that we are lucky to be standing here because a few weeks ago we couldn’t even stomach the feeling of failing or losing that person.

however, we let the emotion pass with time and slowly brought ourselves up. it will hurt and hurt and the only anecdote is time. distracting yourself 100% of the time will just make u explode. take that day off, spend the day in bed crying and online shopping or scrolling on tiktok. eating ice cream watching movies, cleaning ur room. wtv lets u rinse off the numb feeling.

spring non-negotiable #4: starting new

spring might be the most hated season because of allergies and whatnot but the one reason it’s better than all other seasons is because there’s no better feeling of restarting. after the cold bitter months(which is wild because I’m saying that from CALI), but seeing ur garden bloom or the street flowers growing again. birds in the morning, or the sight of the sun at 7 am instead of the dark freezing mornings. afternoon walks because it’s not pitch black at 5 pm.

these all make us feel like maybe it will be alright. so don’t be scared to start new this spring. even nature starts new, u can too. and I suggest doing it because there are always parts of ur life that u want to improve and u might fail again and again. but this is the time to get urself up. maybe u want to start smthn new that u haven’t succeeded in in the past, like academics, trying no fried foods, or drinking 2 liters of water.

spring non-negotiable #5: doing things just for the sake of romanticizing it

light that candle, use that new bottle, get new pretty gym clothes, try new hairstyles, and paint ur nails. I’ve talked about this before on here but small things make a difference. I’m more likely to study if I have a full bottle of water and my desk is clean. u deserve these nice things in your life, and it’s up to u to make yourself feel good.

so think about what makes u feel good. what makes u feel content? write it down, and categorize them from small things to things that might take more planning. some small things could be:

  • buying a nail press on set online
  • wiping down ur desk and organizing it again
  • Make our favorite meal
  • diy spa day, [using a hair and face mask]
  • making a playlist for a certain activity: i.e studying, cleaning, driving, creating content, etc

some bigger things:

  • going out with friends or doing a picnic
  • movie night(by urself or w others)
  • going out for a movie at the theaters
  • dyeing ur hair
  • getting our nails done
  • getting some flowers for ur room/house/urself even for ur friends if that makes u happy

comment down below what’s something that makes you happy!


that’s it! these are 5 spring non-negotiables!

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