sejal Ghanate the lazy gal how to create your perfect study night routine + mine for inspiration
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How to create your perfect study night routine + mine for inspiration.

Welcome to part 3 of the study series, this time it’s a blog post on my study night routine! It’s hard to be on task and finish what you need to finish when you’re tired. So to fix that, you need a routine. A good one. So let’s make an outline for that awesome routine.

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    first, you need: goals

    To create a good outline for your study night routine, you need to know what to put on it. So think about the goals you want to complete during your study night routine. Here are some examples!

    Just write down whatever you finish in your upcoming study days/weeks. Read this post on how to plan you week.

    After you have your goals.

    second: create that outline

    What do you want to do first? The hard stuff or the easy stuff? Will you work better at the beginning or the end? Are you a night owl, or a sleep-early type of person? Whatever it is, make sure you factor that in. And don’t create too tight of an outline, until you will stick to it. For me personally, creating an outline that’s too specific will lead to disaster. Usually, something takes longer than I accounted for, and everything gets messed up. Better to go with the flow, and have more of an abstract outline. Here’s an example:

    1. read 30 pages of the textbook
    2. do 20 practice problems
    3. take a break. seriously write that in, drink more water, do some jumping jacks. don’t go on social media.
    4. practice flashcards
    5. do the blurting method(where you write down everything you’ve learned, and review what you don’t know)
    6. have a snack, again no social media
    7. finish assignments, etc.

    Notice how I said no social media on your breaks, it’s because you shouldn’t be doom scrolling. it’s fine to reply to text messages or look at your emails, but don’t sabotage yourself.

    the lazy gal sejal ghanate how to create your perfect study night routine + mine for inspiration

    third: write your routine

    You have your outline, and your goals embedded, now it’s time to actually write your study night routine! So what do you do? You use what ever medium you use(digital or physical), and if you’re struggling between choosing a physical or digital planner, read this post on the pros and cons of each!

    Make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself and you see yourself doing this.

    here’s my study night routine:

    With my finals coming to a close I can confidently say that this routine has worked for me, here’s how it goes.

    1. Clean my space as much as I can. This means removing all empty cups, putting the pens back, keeping the papers tidy enough that my laptop is uneven on the desk.
    2. Get a drink, whether that’s water, iced coffee, match, tea, etc.
    3. Set myself some goals. Write down what I want to accomplish by the end of this session.
    4. Get the vibes going. Playing my instrumental playlist, lighting a candle, opening up (more on that here)
    5. put my phone on the studying focus mode, and setting it ASIDE
    6. starting my timer, and diving in.
    7. After I finish 30-45 mins I stand up, stretch, drink some water if I haven’t been, do something non academic related but still productive. Checking emails, cleaning up my space more, reviewing what else I need to complete. And I repeat this till I’m done.

    My study night routine is very go with the flow, because it is. Some days I have a lot more to study and finish, and on some days I’m a lot more tired and don’t do as much. And that’s completely okay! You will always feel drained on some days compared to others.

    I hope this routine inspired you guys!

    the lazy gal sejal ghanate how to create your perfect study night routine + mine for inspiration


    Studying can be so hard, and tiresome, and brutal. And the worst part is when you’re trying to do everything last minute, and you’re trying to see how to do it, but everyone is just saying if you didn’t procrastinate you wouldn’t be in the position. And of course you know this but it’s too late now isn’t it, so you’re just going deeper into an overwhelming and anxious spiral. And it’s time for that to stop.

    Because you need to get yourself together, and throw yourself in. Practice as many problems as you can, and learn from what you don’t know or got wrong. Don’t try reading theory and learn from the beginning, there is no time for that. So you are where you are, and you need to work with what you have.

    Make a good study night routine, and stick to it. You owe it yourself, you always have your back.

    till next time, see ya study lazies!!

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    1 year ago

    Great post! I’ve never been much of a night owl, but I used to have a similar routine for my early morning study sessions. These are all really useful techniques!

    1 year ago

    This is a very useful post, not just for studying but also professionals like me who tend to work in the evening also! So thank you for sharing, there’s definitely some tips I’m going to follow in there!
    Em –

    1 year ago

    This is going to be a helpful post for me especially when I start university in September and have to get used to studying again. Thank you for sharing this post.

    Lauren x

    Roaring Pumpkin
    1 year ago

    I’m a pretty organised person and I was during my studying years. But in the world of social media, and how general life is these days, it’s difficult not to get distracted.

    Mummy Conquering Anxiety

    Such a great way to stay on track when studying. I love the bits about scheduling in breaks and not getting distracted by social media!

    Mind Beauty Simplicity
    Mind Beauty Simplicity
    1 year ago

    you’ve mentioned such great studying techniques here! I’m sure this will be a helpful post for students.

    1 year ago

    I already feel inspired by your positivity. You go into so much detail – so helpful! I love such types of posts for setting goals, and achieving them as I consider myself an achiever hehe. Thanks for sharing this post!

    Unwanted Life
    1 year ago

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a study night, but I guess I have a kind of routine I have in place for doing coursework, which is spread out over several weeks. First would be to pick a topic for my coursework, then I set aside time to do a literature review. Once that is done, I’d start piecing together my course work. After that I’d organise it so it’d make sense, leaving proofreading to a later date. I hate proofreading