Tips And Tricks To Begin Your Fitness Journey

Whether you have zero energy levels or fitness, or you are an avid gym goer, starting a fitness journey can be overwhelming and exciting. Increasing your fitness levels can do remarkable things to how you feel and look. It can make a real difference to your mood and overall outlook on life. 

But starting is often the biggest problem. Many people love the idea of starting at the new year or looking to the beginning of the month or even the week to start things. But, let’s be honest, you just need to start and be consistent. However, some people make the same mistakes time and time again. If you are looking to start a fitness journey, but don’t know where to turn, then here are some tips and tricks to help you begin. 

Have big goals but start small

Some of us can be guilty of heading into a new fitness regime, all guns blazing. Without taking into consideration what is required of us. This is why it is important to have your main ambition and goal you want to achieve and then to set yourself small, realistic targets to achieve it. This way you can stay motivated with your end goal in sight. Taking on too much can leave you disheartened and worse still make you stop doing what you are doing altogether. 

Make sure you have the right gear

For any fitness journey or ambition, it is important to have the right gear to help you get there. So if you want to run a marathon, then it’s essential to have the right running shoes. If you are training to be a boxer then having the right gloves and protection will be essential pieces of kit. It is no good trying to do something half-heartedly. If you are committed to achieving your goal, then you will need to invest in the right gear to help you get there. 

Be aware of injuries and take things easy

Without realizing it, we can overdo things when it comes to fitness. This might mean not stretching before taking strenuous exercise, or just not having the right gear to help us with the exercise we are taking. So it is so important to make sure that you are aware of what can cause your injury. Sometimes it can be the easiest of injuries we sustain, like aches in the balls of our feet. Things like having the best sort of footwear for running would be ideal but not essential. As long as you do plenty of stretches before and after exercising you should be fine. Which is what that injury is, would be recommended to avoid things like that occurring. 

The importance of hydrating during exercise

We don’t drink enough water as it is, but not drinking it while exercising could cause you a lot of problems. It is so important to keep hydrated when exercising because your body is losing fluids through sweat. The water will keep your body topped up and cool. Water is such an essential tool for your body, that to not drink it could cause you some serious damage to your health. 

Use a personal trainer or fitness coach

Another great tip is to have someone in your corner. A personal trainer can help you with specific workouts and programs that will help you meet your goals. A fitness coach may be able to coach you in all aspects of your lifestyle and help you in other areas. It is a good idea to look at articles discussing personal trainer vs fitness coach to decide which option would be best for you. Having someone to keep you accountable can help you to be more consistent with your exercise and lifestyle changes. 

Keep positive

Finally, keep positive along your fitness journey. It is easy to become negative if you don’t see instant results. But you have to keep on going. Sometimes the good things are worth waiting for. Having a positive mindset will only add to your overall fitness journey and allow you to keep on track. A great tip is to track your progress either online or in a fitness diary. Before you begin, make notes of weights and measurements. You can then keep track of these things weekly or monthly and note down the changes. In some cases, it may take some time to physically see them, but this can be a great way to stay positive as you will know that actual changes are being made. 

Let’s hope these tips help you on your fitness journey.

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