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How I run my blog, do my 7 courses, and still have time to unwind.


What a mystical concept.

Some have too much, others barely enough.

I am barely adapting to the amount of work given to me, these past few weeks.

But with a few adjustments, I’ve been able to stay on top of my work.


Well, we’re on the topic of saving time, so let’s get right into it.

1. Get out of bed when you want to.

I’ve tried waking up at 5, then 6, then 7, and finally 8. If you’re not a morning person, chances are the routine won’t stick.

So forget about it, and wake up on your time.

Waking up at a certain time because someone else said too, isn’t a good way to start your day off.

You make that choice. Yes, change needs adjusting, but what if you’re already comfortable?

If you want to wake up at 5 and be really productive. Go ahead. Because you want to rise before the sun, and start your day.

You may be thinking. “But I just end up staying in bed till 12.”

And here’s the solution: Discipline.

As Lou Holtz said,

“Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period.”

And yes, I did say get up when you want.

Self-discipline is a choice, however. So, you decide if you want to start your day at noon? Are you’re going to delay everything?

Are you going to get adequate sleep because that assignment can wait? Or are you going to give yourself that much-needed relaxation time?.

I know I’m giving mixed signals here, but again it’s all about self-discipline.

What is the best choice for you?

Set designated break times

This is very important, especially since most of us are working from home. We either work too much or too little.

To fix that, tell yourself that after you finish these 2–3 tasks, you’ll take a small 10-minute break. And I recommended not going on your phone, because you probably won’t start working again.

Instead, taking a bathroom break, fill up your water, have a quick snack, walk around, do a few pushups or squats, etc.


I personally just lay on my bed and stare at my ceiling. And that wastes a lot of time.

Plus, I usually zone out in the middle of my task. And I don’t usually realize how much time passed.

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A key to fixing all these “time-passers” is to identify them. If you don’t why you’ve been working for so long, but still aren’t finished. Find out.

In the event you find yourself zoning out or dying of boredom; get up, splash your face with water, and stretch.

But don’t give up, and go do something else.

If you won’t be strict with yourself, who will?

Don’t try to do everything

You’ll only end up accomplishing nothing.

I understand that giddy feeling, you have in the morning.

“Oh, I can’t wait to start my day, I’m going to be so productive! First I’ll complete this and this, then I’ll do that.”

But soon enough, you burn out. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with hyping yourself up and having a positive mindset.

Just set clear goals. Write down 3–4 main tasks you need to get done, and then add some “afterthought” tasks.

When you finish those 3 tasks and still feel productive, go ahead and do the rest.

On the other hand, however, if you feel exhausted by then, you can be content knowing you finished your quota for the day.

After that, go ahead and reward yourself. It isn’t easy being on task. Watch an episode or two, make some popcorn, and relax.


By now, you hopefully have a few new tips to try out. Perhaps time can be on your side from now on.

Let me know if you tried any of these, and how it went. And, if you have any other tips, tell me in the comments. Don’t forget to share this post!

Till next time,

take care :]

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3 years ago

I enjoyed reading this. I really love your outlook about getting out of bed at a time that suits you. I always feel guilty for having a lie in, but I shouldn’t. I love sleep. It’s good for me.

3 years ago

I’m in the same place too! A full-time college student and running my lifestyle blog! I always try to be productive and as you said, it can really lead to burnout (and it’s true! you just get demotivated all of a sudden) and that’s because you’re tired. This is some real talk you have here. Thank you for this!

Eleanor Jones
3 years ago

Wow you manage a lot! Thank you for sharing these tips, it can be so hard to find time for blogging when you’re managing other responsibilities- I definitely lacked time on my blog during University 🙂 thank you for sharing x

Jessica Khater
3 years ago

Your article is what I needed. I’m currently managing my blog and I have a full-time job, not to mention that I always have some housework to do. I’ll keep in mind your advice and hopefully get done with more than I’m already doing.

Kelly Diane
3 years ago

These are great tips. I definitely think waking up when you want to if you have the option is a great idea. You have to get enough sleep each night to be productive during the day.

Lynn Mejia
3 years ago

Great tips! I was on the same boat as you. My college program was an accelerated one so I had 7-8 courses + working part time + social life + any extra side hustles. I can’t wake up early and I tried over and over again to develop the habit. Great point on just trusting what works for you. Thanks for sharing x

Unwanted Life
3 years ago

My sleep pattern is all over the place, this time last year I was a morning-ish person and now I’m a night owl again. I wish I could sleep when I didn’t feel tired, then none of this would be an issue for me