sejal ghanate the lazy gal Now’s the time to put in the effort to understand which other obstacles stand in your way, and improve your fitness journey.
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Here’s how to improve your fitness journey past consistency.

Consistency pays.

We’ve heard it enough to know that there is some truth in there. Countless social media accounts portraying dramatic body transformations account for the crucial role of being consistent with your fitness routine. We understand that nothing can change overnight, and therefore, if you want to get fit, it makes sense that you’ll have to put the hours in. As such, it makes no doubt that fitness is a commitment rather than an accidental happy result. 

However, staying consistent with your fitness routine is not always enough to see the results you crave. Indeed, consistency, while being a big part of positive results, may not be enough by itself. So, if you’ve been hitting the gym every single day without coming close to your dream result, here is your wake-up call. Now’s the time to put in the effort to understand which other obstacles stand in your way, and improve your fitness journey.

Here's how to improve your fitness journey past consistency. sejal ghanate the lazy gal

Having personal training to improve your fitness journey

If you’re serious about making your fitness routine count, you want to consider teaming up with a personal trainer. These fitness gurus are like your workout besties. They guide you every step of the way. 

More importantly, they have the knowledge and expertise you need to ensure the workouts are fully tailored to your abilities and goals. They can help you push your limits safely to maximize your progress without the risks of hurting yourself. Besides, they can ensure your workout evolves with you. Think of your personal trainer as a fitness GPS, you won’t get lost on your journey to a healthier you. 

Fuel your gains with a protein-rich diet

We’ve all heard the saying “You can’t out-exercise a bad diet”. Truer words were never spoken. So, no matter how hard you work out, your fitness routine will not lead to the result you hope for if your diet isn’t on point. This means you want to pay close attention to what you’re putting on your plate. When it comes to reshaping your body, losing fat, and toning up, a protein-rich diet is your secret weapon to improve your fitness journey

As protein is essential for muscle repair and growth, this will help you recover faster. Besides, protein keeps you feeling full for longer, so you can keep pesky snack cravings at bay. While there are countless protein shakes on the market, you don’t have to rely on shakes to improve your diet. You can try to change your macros by increasing the protein intake in each meal. For example, why not try this shrimp scampi recipe as a post-workout meal? Shrimps are naturally high in protein and low in calories and carbs, a perfect addition to your diet!

Listen to your body to improve your fitness journey

You may be determined to reach your fitness goals, but this doesn’t mean you can ignore your body. Pushing yourself too hard on days when you’re tired, sore, or not feeling your best can lead to burnout and setbacks. 

Rest days are not your enemy. They are an ally in achieving your goals and improving your fitness journey They allow your body to recover. So, if you need a day or more rest after a particularly intense workout, give yourself the right to skip the gym. This is a crucial part of making your fitness routine count in the long run. 

Being consistent with fitness is one thing. But understanding how to fuel your consistency with the right workout, the right diet, and the right training schedule can be a game-changer. 

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