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My Winter Morning Routine: 5 simple steps

Ah, welcome back, it’s a Monday morning for me. Usually don’t write my posts now, but hey you’ll find all about my routine in this post.

I’ve been lagging with my posts, mostly because of school. But I’m trying my best to update daily for Blogmas. I’ve also been more active on Twitter, and Pinterest.

Blogging threads are honestly a gift.

As of the moment, I’m making Dulce de Leche Cortada, to try something new.

Anyway back on track, my winter morning routine. It’s certainly different than my summer morning routine. The sun wakes up late and sleeps early. Unfortunately, a way of life I can’t follow.

But, here is my winter morning routine. I hope it gives you some inspiration.

wake up

Ah, the first thing one must do in a morning routine. I usually wake up around 7:15ish, freshen up, and then I go back to bed. Productive? Well, not really. But it’s the truth.

I usually have morning classes on Thursday and Friday, so on those days, I have to push myself to stay alert.

But, after a while of reading the news, scrolling through Twitter, looking at my stats, etc. I’ll finally get up and change into my workout clothes.

morning snack

I’ll go downstairs, fill up my water, and get a quick snack.

Like, I said quick. : )


Then I’ll exercise, usually for 30–50 minutes. I’ve decided to focus on ab and arm workouts for December. I follow various fitness videos uploaded by Holly Dolke, Carolie Girvan, Lilly Sabri(here’s a workout review about her), and others.

By the time I start exercising it’s bright, and just a bit chilly. After I finish, I take a shower and change into whatever clothes I’m feeling like.

late breakfast

I’ll admit by the time I exercise, shower, and come downstairs again it’s around 10ish. I eat more of a filling breakfast and usually talk with my mom if she’s not busy. Get my green tea ready, and then back upstairs I go.


It’s almost near the end of my morning routine. Now, I check and update my to-do list(started using ClickUp Productivity Platform recently). I usually set my phone to Do Not Disturb and I start my tasks for the day.

Whether it be assignments, projects, tests, blog-related tasks, or anything else. My trick(not really mine) is to organize them by priority. So that’s what I really do until lunch, with a few breaks here and there.


Well, that was my winter morning routine. It’s quite short and dull, but hey it works for me. Plus, I’ve started exercising in the morning instead of the evening. This way I can get it out of the way, and free up the evening for my blog.

Furthermore, my energy levels are higher in the morning, it’s also warmer. Studies show that if you work out in the morning, you’re more likely to make healthier choices for the day. So, it’s a win-win.

Oh and my Dulce de Leche Cortada finished by the time I wrote this post, I think I overcooked it. But it’s still good, and my family liked it.

That’s all for today, let me know your morning routine in the comments. Whether it be winter or not. I’m always interested to know.

Take care. (⌒∇⌒)

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Lynn Mejia
3 years ago

That’s a great morning routine! Sometimes mine are similar. I usually get up, workout, have coffee, work/study, break/lunch, work then have free time for the rest of the evening 🙂 Thanks for sharing xx