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5 Tips On Keeping Those Pounds Off This Holiday Season

According to bestlifeonline “…researchers point out…you’re unlikely to lose the extra weight after the conclusion of the holiday season.”

However, I’m not telling you to not indulge this holiday season. Eat your favorite treats and give your taste buds what they’re yearning for. People tend to exaggerate the amount of weight put on during the holiday season. 

A study done in Texas shows that the average weight a person gains during these last 1–2 months is 1.5 pounds. Much less than the 7–8 pounds, said to be gained. 

So if it’s only a pound or two, why is there such a big ruckus about it? 

Well, it adds on after a few years, and even if you hit the gym in January, the weight will creep back in a few months if you stop going. And nearly 2/3rds of the adults in the United States have set fitness goals in their resolutions. But 73% of them give up. They say it’s too difficult to follow a diet or workout regimen. 

And that when they fall off, it’s hard to get on track. Or it’s hard to find the time. (Source:

I started working out earlier this year and I’ve gained some tips on staying fit. So here they are:

Start Working Out This Month

Like mentioned before, millions of people set fitness goals for their New Year resolutions. More than half give up. Don’t be part of the group.

I bet this isn’t your first year with “Exercise more” or “Eat healthier” on your resolution list.

Maybe you gave up this past, but don’t you want to see what happens if you don’t? I know I do.

And there so many communities, profiles, and groups you can join/follow for motivation. They’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.

Don’t give up because the gyms are closed. There are thousands of workout videos on Youtube, for every level. You have no excuse. A great place to start is with Chloe Ting and Lilly Sabri. If you want more fitness influencers, here’s a post on 5 amazing people to follow!

Get a headstart and stick to those fitness goals. I believe in you. :)) Here’s some motivational quotes!

Drink More Water

By Manki Kim on Unsplash

Water has more benefits than I can count. Did you know that a study found that adults who drank 2+ cups of water before meals shed 40% more weight over a 12 week period?

Plus, another study found that drinking water before meals naturally led to eating less.

And drinking water will help you reduce your intake of sugary and artificially sweetened drinks. These drinks are harmful to your health and lead to gaining weight.

So remember to drink water.

Balance Your Food Intake

Counting calories can become toxic. Don’t do that. Instead, balance your plate. Heard of the wheel of color? Make sure you got all the proper proteins and veggies on your plate.

If you’re planning on eating pie after dinner, maybe eat more protein and fewer carbs.

Have a tub of ice cream waiting for you? Eat a lighter dinner, drink some water, and enjoy that ice cream.

Life is all about balance, and this season, balance is of utmost importance.

Eat A Lighter Dinner

Studies show that if at night, you gain more weight compared to the day. Even if you eat the same thing.

Why? Mainly because of your body’s digestive system and metabolism. So try eating fewer unhealthy items after 6-7.

Clean your fridge before the New Year

You don’t want to start the new year with that delicious, but sugary cake in your fridge. And not only your fridge, but your pantry as well. I’m not telling you to remove everything that’s remotely unhealthy.

But if you’re trying to lose weight and/or become healthier, it’ll be much easier without temptations.

If you live with other people(family, roomate(s), S.O) let them know your goals and that you would appreciate it if they put unhealthy items out of sight.


So I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I didn’t post for a few days, because of finals. But I’m going to be writing more, so be on the watch for more posts.

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Please share this post, it’s greatly appreciated!

Do you have any tips? Let me know in the comments.

Take care. (⌒∇⌒)

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