My Cozy Fall Night Routine 2022: inspiration for relaxing and autumn vibes
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My Cozy Fall Night Routine 2022: Relaxing and Motivational.

I don’t know about you, but I love watching and reading about people’s night and morning routines. Especially in the fall, when the vibes are all cozy. So I thought, why don’t I write a post on my fall night routine? This is a short post, as I’m writing longer posts on self-care and fall recipes, so be on the lookout for that. If you want a bi-monthly recap of the lazy gal posts, with tips, book and song recommendations, and freebies! You can sign up here or at the bottom of this post.

Let’s get into it. My fall night routine doesn’t start at a certain time. If I have a lot of work, I stay up later, if not I just relax by going on my phone or lying down. But first:

Plan & Get Ready for Tomorrow

I get my bag ready and make sure all my stuff is in, and my Mac is charging/charged. I also write any tasks I have to do the next day and look at the tasks I have for the rest of the week. I usually check my email last minute and go through social media. I also check the weather, and either plan my outfit physically or in my head. (Does anyone else do this??)

tip: if you want help planning your week, check out this post.

Setting the Atmosphere for Going to Bed

This is an important part of my fall night routine. It includes changing into PJs if I haven’t already, and brushing my teeth and hair. After that, I also put my hair in rollers or braids, and something new I’ve been doing is putting my hair in a satin bonnet. This has protected my hair so nicely, and it’s less greasy and tangled.

I usually shower before dinner, or after working out. I fill up my water bottle, and wash my face, removing any remains of makeup. I then moisturize my face with either CeraVe or snail mucin from Dr.Ordinary. Finally, I get my bed ready and also organize my pillows so I’m ready to sleep. And that’s my fall night routine!

Nightly Habits of My Fall Night Routine

It’s good to have some routine habits that you do. For me, I try to journal as much as I can at night or record myself talking about my day as a form of self-therapy. And then every night I do my Wordle and NY Times Crossword. Another idea to wind down and relax at night is

  • to meditate. It calms the body, and you can listen to guided meditation videos on YouTube.
  • journal. It doesn’t have to be long, a short entry will do.

How To Start Journaling: Beginner’s Guide; (5 Valuable Tips: 2023)

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  • light a candle, and just tidy up for 10-15 mins. This way you can wake up to a clean room, and sleep in a good-smelling room.
  • drink some water. Or fill a bottle or glass, so you can drink some water in the morning or throughout the night. I try to not eat anything an hour or two before I sleep for the best digestion.
  • put your phone on Do Not Disturb at least 10-15 minutes before you sleep, and try not to check emails or social media. Disconnecting before you sleep is a great way to relax your mind and ensure you sleep better.

Plugging in Devices, Setting the Atmosphere

My Cozy Fall Night Routine 2022: inspiration for relaxing and autumn vibes
black smartphone with charger cord connected photo

I make sure that my phone is charged like 100 times, and that my AirPods are in my bag. Also, checking if my alarm is set. Depending on the weather, I turn on the fan. Yes, I know it’s fall, but I also live in California, so you never know. However, this week’s weather is in the ’60s (F), and I’m so happy about it.

I then say goodnight to my family and my Google Home. I have a fall night routine on Google Home to set an alarm of my choice, play some music, set a sleep time for an hour, and turn off my lights. The last thing I need is my alarm not working or my music playing all night so I make sure that this routine works for me.

If you have the opportunity to do so, try hardcoding a fall night routine like this through your smart home device.

More Inspiration for fall night routines, or just routines in general.

If you want to hear more about planning your night routine, listen to this podcast episode. I get inspiration not only from podcast episodes and videos like these but also Pinterest, Tiktok, and other social media posts.

Here are some YouTube videos I enjoyed watching about night routines:

Here are some YouTube videos about fall routines in general. These ae so nice and entertaining to watch.


I hope you enjoyed this post! Fall is my favorite season, I love lighting a candle and being all cozy and warm. It’s so relaxing, going to bed, knowing you have everything ready for tomorrow. Check out the podcasts and videos I linked, I love getting inspired by other people’s routines. It’s so relaxing, going to bed, knowing you have everything ready for tomorrow. I don’t like feeling like I forgot something, or that I’m missing something. I’m usually rushing a bit in the morning, so it’s very calming for me to know that I have done everything I can the night before. What does your fall night routine look like? Let me know in the comments! Do you want to add or remove anything from your fall night routine?

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1 year ago

I loved reading about your routine, so many great ideas here! I’ve been trying to get into the habit of a set routine, it’s definitely very relaxing. Thanks for sharing!

Isa A
1 year ago

I like your routine. That candle but was interesting. I know someone who also does the same and I agree it creates a relaxing atmosphere. I do physical activities in the day time and do all those tasks ag night that require me not moving much. So I feel a bit relaxed doing that. Enjoy the Fall. Xx
Isa A. Blogger

Kelly Diane
1 year ago

I love reading about other people’s routines. I definitely try to start prepping for bed about an hour before to wind down.

1 year ago

This sounds like such a cosy routine! I need to get better at actually having a wind down routine – love the idea of lighting a candle and having a quick tidy x

mia //

1 year ago

It’s interesting to read about your evening routine. What I like is how it is aimed at the next day, while your journaling reflects back to the day. This ties is all nicely together. An evening routine is very important for your sleep. I need to sort mine out and reduce my screen time before sleeping.

1 year ago

I love a good routine. But I have been so rubbish with setting work boundaries and not having a set routine. These are some good ideas! Thank you for sharing.


Jenny Marston
1 year ago

I love cozy routines! Thanks for sharing yours, definitely some good inspiration here x

Sue Berk Koch
1 year ago

Routine seems to help my sleep. Great tips, thank you so much.

1 year ago

Love your fall routine ❤️