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My 5-Step Spring Morning Routine and How to Make Yours in No Time.

Routines are important. Really important, especially morning ones.

As seasons change so will routines. Your wake-up times and tasks will change. The last time I wrote about my winter morning routine, this one was about spring. Plus, there are step-by-step instructions for making your own.

This is my spring morning routine, and how to make yours in no time.

my spring morning routine:

wake up

Waking up is the first thing I need to do. I usually have my spring morning routine play out on my Google Home, which consists of :

  • saying Good Morning
  • telling me the weather
  • my calendar events for the day
  • and then playing music

After I push myself out of bed, I get my phone and freshen up. I change into exercise clothing, so this way when I’m done with doing work, I don’t talk myself out of exercising.

I find this helpful since changing doesn’t seem hard, and when it’s time for me to work out, I’m already wearing sporty clothing so I can’t back out last moment. I usually grab my phone and scroll through my notifications during this time as well.

do some work

Something different from my fall night routine is that I try to do some work before I work out. I wake up earlier in spring because the sun shines earlier as well.

So instead of trudging out of my bed at 8 am, I’m awake at around 6:45-7 am. Of course, because of the pandemic, my routine is different, or else I would be awake at 6:30 and be getting ready for school.

But this routine is more relatable, it still took me a while to adjust to. It’s been more than a year since I’ve been on campus so I’m dreading going back to my old routine when we return to campus.

In these 30 minutes or so I write my to-do list for the day and then open the tabs I need for the day. This may seem unnecessary, but it helps to have everything you need to do out.

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For example, I usually do school work alongside engaging and promoting on Twitter. Sometimes I just forget about promoting, or end up doing something. Having the tab open already pushes me to work on it.

If I have more time, I do something small on my to-do list like journaling or organizing my desk. I also have a few chores like the dishes and cleaning out my bunny’s cage.

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get ready to work out

spring morning routine the lazy gal sejal ghanate exercise workout woman in blue sports bra and blue denim shorts standing on wooden dock during daytime
photo by Minna Hamalainen on Unsplash

By getting ready I mean to grab my computer, fill up my water, and eat a small snack. I usually eat something small like a cheese stick, a cup of milk, or maybe some crackers.

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Afterward, I usually get my workout music playlist ready, my workout video to follow for the day, and everything else set up. Like my exercise mat, dumbbells, and other equipment I may need. If you’re looking for fitness influencers to follow along with, here’s you go:

work out

Because of my earlier prep in my spring morning routine, everything’s ready to go, and I’m ready to work out. Caroline Girvan released a new workout plan called Epic Heat, and I try my best to do her videos every day. I’ve been behind on my workouts because of personal issues, but I’ll be back by next week!

After I finish my workout, I put everything back and then take a shower. I stopped trying to be ‘professional’ at home, and just stuck to my usual sweats and hoodies. However, it’s getting warmer, so it’s almost shorts season. Which I’m super excited about!

eat breakfast

I then finish my spring morning routine with an actual breakfast, like an omelet, avocado toast, sometimes cereal or noodles.

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After breakfast, I grab my daily cup filled with water and make my way to my desk.

carry on with the rest of my day

That’s it! Usually, it’s 9:30-10-ish by the time I go to my desk. I’ll admit, that I procrastinate a lot in the morning, but this spring morning routine has made me better at finishing everything I need to do.

I just follow my to-do list for the rest of my day, while having breaks and doing work-related things.

how to make yours

spring morning routine the lazy gal sejal ghanate flowers

Now, let’s talk about making your own. While making a spring morning routine may seem stressful or hard, it’s quite easy once you have a good outline. What do I mean by a good outline? To have a good base and a strong structure. I want you to write out or just think about 3-6 things you want to get done in the morning. Try not to overwhelm yourself with too many things.

For me, it’s:

  • get up and get ready for the day
  • write my to-do list
  • clean out my bunny’s cage
  • change into workout clothes, have a quick snack
  • workout
  • eat breakfast and then carry on with my day

After you figure out your structure, organize it! What do you need to complete first? What takes the most time? If you already have a spring morning routine, you can always improve it. Are there places where you’re procrastinating too much?

Are you getting distracted by your phone too much? Maybe not use certain apps until you’ve completed everything? All of these questions should help you build a strong routine.

I told you I would list some snack/breakfast ideas, so here they are. You can always implement these in your daily routine!


  • cheese stick
  • healthy crackers
  • protein shake
  • protein bars
  • fruit, like apples, bananas, grapes, oranges
  • glass of milk


  • protein shake(but heavier, with more ingredients)
  • yogurt/granola bowl
  • noodles/ramen
  • eggs(omelet, scrambled, hard-boiled)
  • avocado toast(a favorite)
  • sandwiches in general

Here are some more ideas.

A recap of the steps to make it:

  1. Think about 3-6 things you want to be done in the morning
  2. Write them down, in order of importance
  3. Ask yourself questions like, What takes the most time? Are there places where you’re procrastinating too much?
  4. When you have a strong structure, think about what time you want your spring morning routine done. Try giving each task a time limit, this way you have more urgency to finish something once you force a deadline.
  5. Write your final spring morning routine down, and make sure you’re not too strict. If you expect too much from yourself in the start you’ll burn out. Keep things easy so your routine can go with the flow if needed. You never know about sudden changes.

I hope these steps helped in creating your spring morning routine! This doesn’t only apply to spring mornings but year-round!


spring morning routine the lazy gal sejal ghanate woman in white floral dress sitting on green grass field during daytime
Photo by Andrey Zvyagintsev on Unsplash

Well, that’s my spring morning routine and how to make your own. It’s quite easy to make once you have a structure, the hard part is following through. I know those days when you’re in bed, and it’s so cold outside of your blankets. I try to set my heater to turn on at least 15 minutes before I wake up, so when my alarm goes off, it’s warm enough for me to push myself out.

But in spring, it’ll probably be easier seeing how it’s getting warmer, which can be the perfect time for an outdoor therapy weekend. Spending time in nature is great for your mental health. Look into the Second Nature Utah Reviews to find out more about what others think of outdoor therapy, which might inspire you to try it and benefit from it.

As for me, I’ll try my best to follow my routine without any distractions. I also know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, sorry about that. I’ve been sick and had to deal with school. I’m trying my best to catch up with everything, but I’m back to my weekly publishing schedule and you’ll see more of me on Twitter.

There is not much going on, I finished The Daughter of the Pirate King. It was a good book, 4/5 stars! Would recommend it if you’re looking for a book to read this week. For more recommendations: Booktok Recs.

Till next time,

take care.

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3 years ago

I love the idea of putting your exercise clothes on first so that you can’t talk yourself out of doing it later. Good tip!

3 years ago

I hate to admit it, but I am too a victim of procrastination. Maybe if I was to schedule my mornings similarly to yours it will help? Hoping it does! x

3 years ago

Great post! These are some really helpful tips. I’ve been trying to get used to a morning routine and wake up earlier since the past month so that I can get in a yoga session before work.

3 years ago

Lovely post! I had a routine where I woke up early and played badminton with a friend for the past couple months and then came home and worked on my hobbies before logging into work. Unfortunately the second wave rose so work out has been put on hold and I’m back to waking up late. Really need to set a new routine so this will help.

3 years ago

You have a great spring morning routine. It’s always an important thing to have a good morning routine.

3 years ago

I like the idea of having a routine but I have never been the type to follow through no matter how much I try.

Kelly Diane
3 years ago

I never used to be a morning person but since creating a good morning routine, I am so much more motivated. You’ve included some really helpful tips and it sounds like you have a great routine yourself.

Jodie | That Happy Reader

I am a morning person and, like you, definitely want routine and organization. Thanks for sharing your personal routine!

3 years ago

I definitely need to get into a habit of a regular morning routine, it usually varies depending on the day right now but I would prefer to have more of a set schedule! I loved reading about your routine! Thanks for sharing!

I'm All Booked Up
3 years ago

You’re so organized in the morning. Your routine sounds great and we’ll have to come up with one to stay on top of things. For now step one is have coffee.